2 SEO Trends To Pay Attention To In 2021

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We’ve come a long way since the advent of the internet and online advertising. Today, we live in an era where the internet is our hub for everything, from communication to business activities. With the global pandemic at hand, online advertising has increasingly become more important and has pushed more businesses to move online across Australia. With that, business owners and marketing teams need to know what trends to look out for, especially in 2021. So, what can we expect from SEO in 2021?

Search engines are changing and evolving, and SEO is directly dependent on search engines like Google. Whenever Google, in particular, decides to make changes to their algorithm, SEO gets impacted, and if your business gets on board with those changes, you stand to gain a whole lot more than if you ignored them.

Let’s look at some of the upcoming changes and trends in SEO in 2021:

Page Experience Will Be A Ranking Factor Around May 2021

Businesses need to look out for the “page experience signal”, as Google puts it, from around May 2021, as a major element in determining ranking. How online visitors experience web pages, and their interaction thereof will affect your ranking. Attributes such as mobile-friendliness, browsing security, HTTPS, and more will need to be focused on if you want to better your ranking – which you do!

As you know, SEO has always put these factors ahead in determining ranking; however, this year, they will be institutionalised and will work more in visitors’ page experience. Google is also introducing Core Web Vitals to base user-centric metrics to determine the quality of the user experience. A professional SEO agency in Australia will be able to help you with functions such as a user-centric measure of loading speed, interactivity on web pages, as well as visual stability to help with the “page experience”.

March 2021 Will Be All About Mobile-First Indexing

Google introduced mobile-first indexing a couple of years ago, so this isn’t that new. The primary reason for its introduction was to address the issue of people using their phones as their first point of access to the internet. For many companies, mobile and desktop versions of their websites aren’t the same, particularly in their content. Therefore, mobile-first indexing, a method of indexing mobile versions of websites in Google’s database before desktops is a must-have.

SEO agencies in Australia and webmasters are now making means to change their clients’ website indexing primarily mobile-first and as a default option for search engine crawlers.

By March 2021, the final and latest updates will come into play for Google’s mobile-first indexing, so it is essential you get in touch with a professional SEO agency to help you get on board!

There are plenty more widespread SEO trends to look out for like voice search being more prominent, featuring snippets and micro-data, non-textual content, and user-experience SEO. By having SEO specialists on your team to help you with these and more trends for your success is a move you should make.

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