What is Digital Marketing?

In layman’s terms, Digital marketing refers to promotion of products or services to a targeted audience or market via various forms of electronic channels. Digital Marketing plays a pivotal role in increasing business and brand visibility, maintaining reputation, engaging audiences, and generating quality leads for modern businesses.

What Benefits I will get from Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is highly beneficial to modern businesses. From our experience, digital Marketing generates higher ROI from marketing campaigns than conventional forms of marketing and advertising. Digital marketing also increases your market reach by connecting you to more consumers. Typical digital marketing campaigns are equally measureable, easier to modify, and have longer shelf lives.

How to Do I Bring Traffic to my Website from Search Engines?

For a start, you should do keyword research to understand what prospects are looking for and then use targeted keywords to generate high-quality content. Next, optimise your website for different devices, do on-page SEO to improve search engine visibility, and run PPC campaigns. We also recommend that you actively social media networks to pull in traffic and create engaging and shareable blog posts for your site.

What kind of Reporting Do You Offer?

Specifically, we use Google Analytics to track, measure, and analyse results from both PPC and SEO campaigns. We pay close attention to website as well as conversion metrics. For each PPC campaign, we’ll provide a clear and concise bi-weekly or monthly report on how your paid search is performing against key metrics.

Which Digital Platform is best for my business?

Apparently, the choice of digital platform depends on your target audience and your goals. A business website or blog is great for marketing your products and sharing information. Social media networks are great for sharing tips, announcing offers, and engaging with your fans. Paid Search (AdWords) is great for acquiring new customers while email marketing is a fantastic channel of targeting and getting focused attention.

When will I see results of my Digital Marketing activities?

The time it takes to see results depend on what products/services you’re trying to promote as well as your preferred digital marketing strategy. With PPC, you will be able to see immediate results once the ads are created and published. SEO results take a little bit longer about 4-6 months to eventuate.

How much time I need to Invest?

The amount of time spent depends on the scale of the project and what kind of goals you want to achieve. If you’re looking to get first page rankings in Google organically, that will take anywhere between 4-6 months. On the other hand, PPC campaigns have a shorter shelf live.

How much does it cost?

Well, the cost of SEO or PPC campaigns depend on the magnitude of the project, ongoing efforts, and chosen strategy. Other factors that influence the cost include the industry and time frame the client wants to achieve his or her goals. We encourage you to schedule a one-on-one consultation with our search engine experts so that they can understand your needs and objectives and give you an accurate quote.

How can I gather more leads?

Well, there are a number of ways you can generate qualified leads for your business. You can increase engagement and customer acquisition by adding clear and compelling calls to actions to service pages on website, running PPC campaigns, using A/B tested landing page that focuses on one topic, and optimising your website for the major search engines Google and Bing).

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