Why Your Business Needs A Local SEO Specialist

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A local SEO specialist can do wonders for your business and the overall success of your digital strategy. These experts are tuned in to the world of digital marketing and can use their experience to implement the most impactful strategy for your business. With the ability to hone in on more localised audiences and industry segments, you can drive sales and reach an audience more likely to convert. Read on to find out exactly how skilled professionals can help you support your search engine optimisation efforts.

Google My Business Pages

It is essential that you claim your business location and title on Google My Business. This element can help you establish a presence on the search engine without investing heavily in time and costs. As a result, you will show up on Google Maps when users search nearby or when location-specific keywords are used. When updating your Google My Business listings or other maps feed, provide deep links that take the user directly to the location information, rather than dropping them on a high-level page or homepage.

Build Citations

Citations represent the unique online footprint of a business, helping potential customers find information about you. Search engines rely on NAP consistency to determine your location and deliver accurate results to users in real-time. Professionals can ensure your company features on citation sites and online business directories. This appearance on a directory site will help customers find your services more efficiently.

Mobile-Friendly Website

You have to optimise your website for mobile devices to be a significant competitor in a more localised market. This level of importance is because roughly three-quarters of all mobile searches will result in a conversion or further engagement within a short time. On the other hand, around half of all mobile users will abandon a page if it doesn’t load almost immediately. This data is why mobile optimisation is critical, as it can capture an audience that boasts much higher conversions, looking for immediate results.

Optimise Localised Website Content

Experts will ensure certain key pages are present on your sites, like an “About Us” page that focuses on localised, relevant information about your store, products or services. For example, suppose you have an accounting firm. In that case, your “About Us” page can talk about your firm offices, the industries or businesses you serve in the community, and your connection to the immediate audience. If you have multiple locations, endeavour to create unique content for each location-focused page.

Local SEO specialists can help you enhance the reach and authority of your business online. With our professionals in Australia, we can help you implement best practices and appeal directly to your most valuable consumers. Contact us today to find out more.



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