Why Conversion Rate Optimization Should Be Used More In Digital Marketing, Australia

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While digital marketing’s most underused tool, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is making a fast comeback. And, rightly so. COVID-19 has caused many physical stores and offices to close shut, with customers now exuding a different – more virtual – purchasing behaviour. After flying under the marketing radar for some time, CRO is now allowing businesses to keep afloat and keep their sales up while physical business is limited.

CRO Campaigns Create More Online Sales

The current global pandemic is screaming for businesses to do more business online. Customers, in these times, need to find your site over others; users need to navigate your site and become instant customers faster; and online visitors need to become paying customers every single time they visit your site.

Whether it’s buying a product, ordering a service, requesting a quote, subscribing to an email, creating a user account, or other – these conversions need to happen at a fast rate for your business to survive and thrive during difficult times. The key here is to use CRO tools and tactics to get a 100% conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate.

How To Ensure Top Conversion Rates

  • Ensure CTAs are well written and set within an appealing design
  • Track cart abandonment rate and employ appropriate changes to avoid this
  • Do thorough website analysis and determine if key metrics are reached
  • Identify obvious areas which need improvement including CTA location and colour contract levels
  • Avoid weak words, difficult checkout procedures and unclear value propositions
  • Change your homepage to reduce clutter and emphasises customer testimonials
  • Run A/B tests to obtain quality data on what works and apply the simplest changes which lead to the best results
  • Remember statistics and timing are vital to getting CRO rights
  • Changing your marketing and sales language from ‘buy’ to ‘why’ and demonstrate value instead of pushing a product or service
  • Clarify what online visitors will get from subscriptions
  • Place charts and images on your site which create interest
  • Emphasi\se video marketing content over showing 100% written content
  • Improve your landing pages and make it easier for customers to try your service or products
  • Include no-obligation product trial periods

For more CRO tactic and tools, contact Altitude Digital today! We’ll use Conversion Rate Optimization in your digital marketing in Australia. In times where business is done more online than face-to-face, let our CRO experts help you boost sales, increase conversions and up your customers.

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