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If you fly into an airport you’ve never visited before, then the layout and processes can be – literally – foreign to you. If you find them confusing or awkward to manage, you can quickly form a negative impression of your destination.

The same idea applies to your web presence. Most people will arrive as the result of a search, or perhaps from a link provided by another person. At that moment, they may know little or nothing about your business, or how to achieve their search goal.

Our web presence specialists, based here in Sydney, fully understand this. Effective SEO strategies can certainly deliver more of these ‘strangers’ to your (online) door. The work we undertake from there defines the success of such activities.

Your web presence should be welcoming, attractive, well-informed and progressive. The first two work together to create that vital first impression. The person who has searched through to your site should quickly appreciate that this is the place they wish to be. Therefore, there needs to be instant correlation between what they find and the key search terms they are likely to have used.

The layout of the website, and each individual page, should appeal to them but should also allow them to find the information they require and allow progress to be made through the site until they take the course of action both they and you wish.

You may be thinking that this is obvious, and it is. However, that doesn’t mean it always happens! When a business creates its own website, it can often end up talking about what the company wants to say, rather than what the searcher actually wishes to know. The language used can be too specific or technical – pitched at the level of a business insider rather than a potential customer with an entirely different level of knowledge.

The progress through the site can be awkward, again because it isn’t crafted from that stranger’s viewpoint. Key pieces of information may be neglected, simply because all who work inside the business take such knowledge for granted.

Our Altitude Digital team marry their SEO and web design talents with the necessary knowledge you provide to craft an effective, attractive and responsive website. That arriving stranger feels welcomed, enthused and involved – and in a mood to take the vital next step!

If you’d like to discuss your marketing with our web presence specialists, what it is and what it should be, please call us on 02 8035 3482.

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