The Best Digital Marketing Strategies To Kick-Start Your Business After Covid-19

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Most business owners are facing a disrupted economy. Some reports state that 2020 troubles have significantly impacted 90% of small businesses. Australia has performed very well, but it has highlighted the importance of an effective, hardworking online presence.

Globally businesses have radically accelerated digitisation and digital effectiveness.

Is your digital marketing strategy plan ready for 2021? Has it addressed your site’s SERP ranking and conversion rates?

From an Ads Agency’s perspective in Sydney, we propose these digital marketing strategies for 2021:

  1. Review

The critical first step: define your future goal. With those goals on hand, see how your site currently performs against those goals.

It is time to dive deep into Google Analytics and carefully note what is getting good traction and what is not. It is very important to have an understanding of the strategic value of this data, so seek assistance from an expert if necessary.

Find out what your competitors are up to.

Next, set out your campaign objectives and ensure they strongly support your goals. Identify your core messages and then start the rollout.

  1. Website

Your online presence can absolutely not be a 2000’s, home-made quality website with ‘Powerpoint’ fonts. Such a website will harm your brand significantly.

UX (user experience) also makes visitors judge the professionalism of your company. People have learnt the convenience of shopping online, which has raised their expectations of websites. Most internet access is done from phones…is your website mobile compatible?

There is a long list of website optimisations that can be done from highly technical to visual language consistency. Contact us if you want a list of optimisations to work through.

Once you have upgraded the UX, and the critical optimisations, consider including voice search and chatbots.

  1. Local SEO

SEO is a top priority, and business owners often shy away from it because it is a bit like a three-month-long chess game with powerful computers.

You need to rank on the first page as the lowest outcome. <10% of consumers click to the 2nd page.  You can also include SEO optimisations for “near me” searches.

SEO is a long-term dynamic strategy that evolves into good results after several months. Remember: if started in February, it will deliver results by May.

  1. Advertising

PPC in Sydney is a great vehicle to connect with your target market, and you can make a BIG impact even with a contained budget. Use strategically selected, appropriate, low-cost keyword phrases. Do you have the budget for Google Display Network? You can pick the websites, videos, and apps for ads to display.

One placement could result in 44 clicks (potential new enquiries) in 30 days. Amplification with Display Network can reduce CPCs $1.50 to $0.21 in 2 months.

  1. Social Media

Social Media is an integral pillar of digital marketing for all Ads Agencies in Sydney. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are powerful tools.

Ascertain which platform your target demographic is using and shape your strategy accordingly. An Instagram demographic will drive a more visual campaign versus a LinkedIn demographic.

  1. Content

Content marketing is highly effective. Good content with internal hyperlinks, good meta descriptions, correct keywording, CTAs, the list goes on. This can be videos, blog posts, infographics or memes.

Good content will drive up the visibility and credibility of your brand fast.

Contact us for help [insert contact page hyperlink] with your digital marketing strategy plan ready for 2021 to drive up your site’s SERP ranking and conversion rates. Altitude Digital is a full-service Digital Marketing and Ads agency in Sydney. We combine insight, creativity, and proven technology to build successful and credible brands online.



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