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With the rapid evolution of technological developments regarding the use of the internet, social media, which started off as a new trend for young people, has now become so popular that is has changed our social landscape and revolutionised marketing.

Around the world there are now 320 million Twitter users, 400 million Instagram users and 1.59 billion Facebook users, a number so large that if Facebook were a country it would have the biggest population in the world. It’s no wonder then that companies have shifted their focus towards social media marketing strategies to connect with consumers.

A new report has found that although SEO remains a priority, the majority of companies are investing in social media marketing to some degree, and are looking at new ways to grow customer acquisition online.

So why has social media marketing become so popular?

Cost effective

Social media allows companies to engage with their audiences for free and to increase this interaction with ads that are inexpensive to create and available on the internet 24/7, with an unlimited reach. Plus, social media boasts a larger audience than traditional media platforms and the ability to target specific demographics; plus, it places virtually no limitations on companies, who are able to post video commercials, articles, live podcasts, webinars and more.

Real-time results

Social media allows companies to see, in real-time, how many customers are engaging and interacting with their ad campaigns, and their responses. Networks like Facebook are able to track from when someone sees an ad, to when they click the ad and go to a website, enabling companies to track customers every step of the way. This is invaluable information that allows companies to re-target those who engaged with an ad and quickly withdraw campaigns that aren’t resonating with their audience. Social media also allows companies to be reactive in real-time to issues and to maintain relevance in an always connected world.

Relationship building and loyal communities

If social media marketing is done properly then it can lead to real relationship building and a community of loyal and active consumers. Social media provides companies with an opportunity to interact with, and engage their customers, allowing marketers to adjust their strategies around what insights these customers are giving them. Social media humanises a brand and makes it more accessible, forming a bond that brings a sense of belonging and builds trust.

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