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Extending your reach with an SEO firm in Sydney increases your online visibility and provides your business with measurable growth opportunities. If you look at your sales trend, are you seeing the results you want? If not, it may be time to start exploring other marketing strategies, such as search engine optimisation, so you can maximise your leads and conversions and ultimately tip the scale of your sales trend.

In-House Versus Contracting

When doubling down on your expenses, you may be looking to refine your resources and dial back on your overhead. You know your business cannot go without search engine optimisation, so you are left to decide between hiring in-house personnel or contracting your needs to an agency. Deciding which is better for your goals and your budget can be tough, so take a look at these pointers to help you make your choice:

  • In-house – the advantages of in-house hiring are control, collaboration and cost. Personnel are one hundred percent committed to and focused on your business and are closer to other team members, resulting in better work performance. In addition, you can hire a junior consultant and grow them in the business for cost savings.
  • Agency – hiring an agency comes down to experience, expertise and focus. They work as an extension of your business and provide extensive expertise and resources. In addition, it is far easier to contract your needs rather than sifting through potential in-house candidates, and services are provided instantly. Also, external focus from an agency is valuable during busy times when internal staff are swamped and unable to plan efficiently.
  • Best of both – you can have both options if your budget allows it. An in-house SEO manager can manage the day to day tasks of the agency while the agency covers the larger workload and transfers expertise to your business.

Are You Partnered With The Right Agency?

You’re not paying the agency for sweet nothings, so are you satisfied with what they bring to the table? There are several signs that your agency is not pulling its weight, so pay attention and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. If your agency consistently gives recommendations but does not follow with action or provide explanations or feedback on reports, you may need to reconsider their services. In addition, if your agency is not willing to work with you or your teams and doesn’t take the time to explain the various aspects of your strategies, you are not getting the most from your investment.

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