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If you are a busy business owner, you might be standardising your digital marketing to get it out the way as fast as possible.

The trouble is, you are probably missing opportunities to get touchpoints to the right customer at the right time.

Digital marketing experts and local SEO specialists in Sydney have a broad and deep toolbox to leverage businesses’ market opportunities.

Here are three tips to get your website in front of the customer:

1. Revive

Analytics will show which keywords your audience use to find you.

  • Which ones rank you high organically?
  • Are the visits long or immediate click-aways?
  • Is it a multi-page visit or one page?
  • Which keywords get traffic to your Google My Business page?
  • Which hashtags get the best reactions on your social media?

With this data on hand, update the relevant old blogs to make them more attractive.

After the updates keep comparing analytics to see which updates work best.

Review your most popular posts for on-page SEO opportunities. A tool like the SEMrush On-Page SEO Checker is helpful. It analyses your blog posts, compares similar content, and suggests improvements.

You might find not all suggestions are relevant but usually implementing one or two of them creates improvements.

Your earliest posts should get a re-read. Are they still aligned with your business ethos and core focus? If they are irrelevant, i.e. you no longer do waterproofing, unpublish it or redirect links to prevent 404 errors. If thee are still relevant, update the content’s keywords.

In the content review, find places you can add internal links to recently published content. This makes your pages more crawlable by Google.

Update the external links, update statistics to the current year, refresh headers with long-tail keywords and maybe update images.

Check if the meta description needs updating and review your SEO best practices throughout each post.

2. Infographics And Videos

Current consumers love videos, as does Google. 60% of consumers prefer online videos versus TV with YouTube, scoring exceptionally high.

Infographics are very popular and speed up the read. Not only that, but they are also concise and ] more explicit about what the article is trying to say.  Their colours are also interesting for the consumer’s brain. Data from infographics is easy for the consumer to remember.

3. Schema Markup And Structured Data

Making your website easy for Google’s search bots or crawlers to find is smart, but they are highly discerning with intensely complex, dynamic algorithms. SEO best practices address this, and you can add schema markup and structured data to the strategy.

Schema markup coding helps search engines return better results for users while structured data is information in a relational database. Highly structured, predictable data suit search engines.

By updating your blog content, you have created new blogs that you can use on social media and other communication channels because they won’t sound outdated. Win-win.

If you need content marketing or local SEO support in Sydney, we’d love to connect with you. Contact Altitude Digital today for a full-service digital marketing agency that suits small and medium enterprises. Our insightful creativity, and proven technology, build profitable and reputable brands online.



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