Major Online Marketing Tactics To Deploy In 2021

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Digital marketing and online ads have come a long way since basic Google search result ads. Today online advertising is far more detailed and targeted; it pinpoints the ideal customer and can engage and secure prospective new customers. This all happens without the business owner ever needing to lift a finger or personally chat to them.

In today’s competitive market, ambitious business owners can’t afford to ignore growing trends and adopting them.

Here are two of the latest innovations and practices that are rapidly growing in popularity that an ads agency in Sydney can help you with.


Remember getting flyers in your mailbox? For most of you, it’s probably true that the pamphlet went straight to the bin without a second thought. Why? Because it wasn’t relevant to you at all. Marketing has changed tremendously, and flyers, while hardly effective back then, would be the equivalent of flushing cash down the drain at this stage.

Today, customers expect fast responses and a feeling of connection and care from brands. Every brand and business is virtually standing on a street corner of the online world, yelling at you to try and get your attention. People have become deaf and blind to the information overload and now seek real connection, which is where personalisation comes in.

Emails, chats, and any communication brands have with customers or potential customers, need to be directed at them, by name, and with a more human persona than just another generic hit-or-miss message. Personalised marketing can be implemented in various ways to provide your customer with what is relevant to them and make your marketing budget’s ROI spike significantly.

On-Site Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) Advertising

A great deal of effort has gone into tracking user behaviour and aligning ads according to what was clicked on. DCO advertising takes a more intuitive and natural approach by creating customised advertising for users based on the content on a website.

For example, if a user is reading a blog about migraine prevention, the DCO will deliver ads specifically around that topic, as it is likely more helpful to the reader. The aim is to make ads more relevant and helpful to the end-user and have shown great results for advertisers to date.

For these and many other marketing tactics currently being deployed by industry leaders in advertising, you’ll need to stay abreast of current developments and know exactly how to tie these practices into your existing marketing plan. To ensure the greatest success and make a smart investment with your marketing budget, trust a reputable ads agency, Sydney-based and in surrounding areas for expert advice and marketing management. Contact us today to find out more about our digital marketing services!

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