Is SEO Dying? How Can An SEO Consultant Help?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most fundamental online principles that SEO consultants in Sydney value above all else. Sure, there has been much debate on whether SEO is dying out. However, the truth is, SEO will constantly change. Marketers are doing strategic selling and buying tactics to help online businesses rank higher on search engines, which is here to stay.

Here’s what our SEO consultants want you to always keep in mind when strategic online planning is a focal point for your business.

With SEO, Content Remains King

Although SEO isn’t dying, typical processes are fading away. No longer are we focused on the number of backlinks a website has or looking at keyword scattering as a means of persuading search bots and crawlers about what’s on a web page. Instead, SEO consultants in Sydney urge you to create web pages that are a resource for anyone landing on your site through relevant content based on a keyword.

Social Media Is Playing a Bigger Role in SEO

Well written, high quality and relevant content coupled with effective SEO algorithms from our friends at Google have evolved, but one thing that hasn’t changed is they bring visitors to your website. You will need to focus on moving away from backlinks and towards a social media content strategy. Backlinks lead users to your website from other sites, and this has led search engines to focus on social media to improve the customers’ journey. An SEO consultant can help you use content that works with SEO principles to work with your social media activities.

Does This Mean Google Is Targeting WordPress?

It is no surprise that many industries are questioning whether Google is changing its algorithm to earmark WordPress sites. As is, WordPress is a leading site and a strong competitor among other publishing platforms, and it is essential that other sites take advantage of SEO efforts.

Through the help of an SEO consultant in Sydney, you can create websites that touch on your audiences’ pain points through useful, high-quality and relevant content targeted to your audience and their needs.

At Altitude Digital, our SEO consultants in Sydney are equipped to advise and support your online SEO efforts to meet your audiences’ demands and business goals. Get in touch with us today.




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