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So, you have 1000 followers on Facebook. Your email marketing reports show 50% click-through rates. You have 10 000 shares of Facebook and 5 000 new comments? Linkedin shows 100 new connections, and your website has skyrocketed in terms of new traffic. But out of all of this, not one sales transaction or online purchase has been made? How can this be?

The answer is simple. As a leading digital marketing agency, our experts at Altitude Digital know the difference between a lead and a quality lead – and we know how to convert leads into sales. And we know that not all leads mean sales. A lead is just misleading if it’s not quality.

Leads Are All Bark, But You Need To Make Them Bite

Following on from the traditional customer journey, online leads, just as in real-life customers, need to be nurtured and taken through an online conversion journey. Lead generation is easy. You can get loads of new Facebook followers, much traffic to your website and high open rates on emails, but it’s not easy to get quality leads and actual sales from the leads unless you know how to level them up to quality status.

It’s about identifying your prospects, assessing their lead qualification level and their stage of the online customer journey. It’s about constant lead nurturing, retargeting and re-engaging with the leads after they clicked on your lead magnet after they sent an email to your sales team with pre-sale questions; after they browsed your website. So, to get them to bite after they have barked, here are some suggestions:

  1. If they have opened your email but didn’t convert, then next time, offer a freebie or something for free within the email to get them to convert.
  2. If they browsed your website but didn’t purchase anything, offer them a discount on one of the products or services they viewed through a big, noticeable value add on the website.
  3. If they became followers on Facebook but never clicked that CTA button at the top of the page to ‘order now’ or ‘call now’, then directly message them with a complimentary welcome offer or mention them in a timeline comment.

The Main To-Dos To Generate Quality Leads

While there is a strategy for just about every lead generation and a specific solution to every lead pitfall or shortcoming, to drive a low-level lead to a high-quality one, quality leads are formed on constant engagement, retargeting, and audience knowledge and consistent communication.

Quality leads have been communicated with, replied to, acknowledged and made to feel nurtured. They’re the online-users-turned-customers who were taken through the customer journey, from introduction to conversational exchanges to offer to a confirmed sale. They’re the online-users-turned-customers who were researched, who were spoken to as if they were known for decades. They were once the low-level lead who was taken so well care of and became business friends instead of strangers. And to become friends instead of strangers – for leads to become sales – the overall to-dos is to be engaging, communicative and responsive, and nurturing.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Knows Quality Leads Which Will Want To Get To Know You And Your Business 

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