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Partnering with one of the top digital agencies in Sydney sounds like a home run for your business, but are you properly prepared for an agency-client relationship? If it is your first time working with a digital marketing agency, or perhaps you’ve been scorned and want to do it right this time around, there are many questions to ask before signing your name on the dotted line.

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Important Questions To Ask A Digital Marketing Agency Before Partnering

Asking the right questions will ensure you find the right agency to fulfil your marketing needs. Consider asking these questions:

  1. Do you have official partnerships with the top search engines? An agency with a Google Partner badge will have certified employees, their own Google agency team and keep up to date with the latest innovations.
  2. Do you outsource your work? Agencies should be transparent about who is doing their work and provide you with a point of contact to discuss your campaigns and projects.
  3. What do you think of our brief? The agency should challenge your brief and ask questions. Also, they should provide feedback on your brief with projections for possible implementation, including manpower, estimated results and timeline.
  4. What will the day to day relationship be like? Working with an agency can sometimes be a challenge when your point of contact doesn’t prioritise consistent communication or feedback. As a rule, agencies should provide clients with all the necessary information regarding campaign performance and results through their interface and telecommunications.
  5. How will you improve my website’s conversion rate? A good agency will deliver more enquiries, conversations and sales and openly discuss the strategy they recommend for your business. Be aware of agencies who try to sell it with talk of visibility and traffic but completely avoid addressing their approach.
  6. How much time will you dedicate to my campaigns? Transparency with the amount of time an agency will spend on managing, tracking and improving your campaign ensures you understand exactly what you are paying for and the value for your buck.

Don’t get side-tracked by sales-pitch talk. Instead, look for the agency that values open dialogue and full transparency of their services so you can find the right agency to fast-track your business success.

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