4 Social Media Marketing Hacks You Need To Know In 2016

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With 2016 just around the corner, now’s a better time than any to reassess your existing digital marketing campaigns. Want to boost sales? Generate more valuable leads? Improve your bottom line? Social media can do all of that – and then some. Still not convinced? Take a look at these mind-blowing statistics. A whopping 83 percent of marketers say that social media is important for their business while research shows that social media has a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing does. Pretty impressive, right? But that’s not all. Social media is a powerful weapon in your arsenal if you want to engage with your existing customers and increase brand loyalty. Here are some social media marketing tips for 2016 that you really need to know about.

1. Invest in a Facebook ad campaign

Your Facebook group and pages might prove popular with your customers but setting up a Facebook ad campaign can be a great way to attract new leads. It’s a lot easier than you think – and you could be up and running in just a few steps. There are over 1 billion daily active users on Facebook, making the social platform a fantastic place to increase the visibility of your brand. Just like Google AdWords, you can segment customers based on different traits and interests. Want to attract a particular age group? Or people from a specific geolocation? Use Facebook Ads to create bold, striking marketing messages that will appear on the newsfeed. The great thing about Facebook Ads is that you have more space for text than Google AdWords, so you can tell the world about your business brand in a little more detail. What’s more, you’ll get access to analytics so you can track and monitor your campaigns.

2. Repurpose popular social media marketing posts

If you’ve have been using social media marketing for some time, you likely know what content really resonates with your readers – and what doesn’t. You should know what your audience wants by now, so play to your strengths and repurpose popular posts that will encourage more likes, shares, comments and re-tweets. After all, if it ain’t broke then why fix it? Look for new ways to repackage your most popular content in a different way. For example, if your followers are fans of how-to guides, upload video content instead of just text and try to target your audience using different media. Remember – vibrant images attract the eye and can be a great way to drum up interest rather than just using blocks of boring black-and-white text.

3. Become more approachable

This one’s great for customer retention, but it can also be used to attract new leads to your pages too. Studies show that consumers engage with brands that are approachable so try and inject humor or emotion into your social network posts. Instead of giving the hard-sell, try and convince your readers why they should purchase a product or service from you by connecting with them on an emotional level. Some of the world’s biggest brands are very good at this – and many of their campaigns have gone viral. Here’s another thing: Being approachable means opening up and sharing content with your customers. Why not tell your readers more about your brand when you upload content to Facebook or Twitter? Share photos of your staff or introduce special promotions and offers to generate interest. Trying to get your readers to have a strong emotional connection with your brand can be more valuable than you think.

4. References news and sporting events

One way to increase the visibility of your brand is to create relevant content that people are interested in. If you’re struggling for content ideas, why not react to news stories, current events or pop-cultural happenings? For example, reference major sporting events (think the NRL Grand Final or World Cup) or awards ceremonies (MTV Video Music Awards or The Oscars) in your social posts. All you need to do is tie the event to your brand, use the right hashtags and include a URL to your landing pages. It’s that simple! This is particularly effective when people are searching for information on Twitter and stumble upon your tweet. It could be something as simple as a “Grand Final Sale” when consumers are searching for information about the sporting event. You can create these social posts ahead of time because you’ll know when these events are happening but you can also react to breaking news developments too – exposing your brand to a wider audience.

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