The Best SEO Company Advises You To Act On These SEO Priorities Amidst COVID-19

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Amidst the current pandemic, companies have eliminated close contact marketing, with digital channels left as the primary method to communicate with current and future customers. Customers are now making use of the virtual realm to communicate more with businesses, with a shift in their behaviour requiring heightened attention on the digital marketing front.

Now, companies, small and large, need to be able to answer customer questions better using their digital channels and create a more seamless customer experience by focusing more on these SEO priorities.

So, what exactly are these priorities? Altitude Digital explores further. 

Maintain The Correct Business Hours 

While physical stores are starting to wedge open their doors which have been firmly shut for some time, marketers and business owners need to maintain their correct business hours on Google My Business. By updating store hours, business event changes and store closings, businesses will be able to ensure customers are kept well informed online. Let’s note that regular hours of the business listing on Google My Business should not change, but instead, special hours be added.

Search Trends Encourage The Use of COVID-19-Related Content 

Customers are now searching more on their cellphones than ever before, with their searches reflecting questions of the new world. Top questions of the common mobile users – which relate to products and the pandemic – allow marketers and businesses to create content to answer these questions. Searches for “Coronavirus” and “COVID-19” means that if you revolve your online content around these search keywords, it’ll be better found than content which does not.

Brands which highlight policy updates and emit a sense of thought leadership in their content will be easily positioned to be top of mind with new and current customers. As a tip, use Google Trends, Google Analytics and Google Search Console to identify what top searches are being done. Using internal data to forecast trends is also an option as it helps guide you create content which is similar to relevant content online. Along with this, your business needs to adjust its messaging to include “free delivery” or “free shipping” as well as keywords like “in stock”. It must be noted that while revolving your content around COVID-19 and the above-mentioned keywords is beneficial, you still need to maintain your brand voice so that your content does not come across as opportunistic.

Optimise Your Content For Voice Search 

Now more than ever, companies need to consider voice search, with a more focused eye on what customers want to know. Customers, with more time on their hands these days, are interacting more with virtual assistants and it is for this reason that companies and marketers need to make use of the powers of the virtual assistant’s response. Optimising for queries helps to answer new and future customer questions online, and of course through voice. A top tip is to use tools which help you review answers that your customers and competitors rank for. Furthermore, making use of structured data mark-ups and formatting will help you capture quick answers in the best way possible.

The Best SEO Company Advises You To Make Contact

At Altitude Digital, we suggest you also use SEO data to help PPC respond to changing trends as well as keep new and future customers engaged through page speed improvement. By acting on these SEO priorities amidst COVID-19, amongst other SEO tactics we have up our sleeve, you’ll be able to maximise visibility. Contact us and let us help your business improve support and reaction times.



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