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Homerun For Digital Marketing



Advertising has been around for centuries and will be around for centuries to come. From the first billboard in the 1830s to the start of digital marketing in the ’90s, advertising has come a long way in reaching people with service and product information. The most significant stride in digital advertising is how people can interact and engage with your business, sharing your information across numerous platforms, giving you a solid foundation to build and maintain your customer base. With the digital industry constantly evolving, you can be sure to see new and improved online advertising methods ever on the rise. Therefore, investing in ads agency Sydney ensures the future growth of your company and will keep you in the lead of your industry.

An Ad Is Not Worth Much Without Strategy

It’s not enough to just have an ad. Creating an ad that continues to spark interest is the goal. An advertisement that doesn’t have proper planning is doomed to fail. It’s like getting dressed up but having nowhere to go. Therefore, planning and proactive strategy are essential for the success of your campaign. Here are important steps to take to ensure your ad stands out:

  • Audience analysis – know your goal and target your campaign to customers who will benefit from those services.
  • Decide where to advertise – Google, Bing, etc.
  • Choose which keywords you want to bid on – if your objective is sales, bid on keywords that target your objective.
  • Decide your budget.
  • Create your PPC advert and ensure it is linked to a persuasive and optimised landing page.
  • Observe and optimise keyword usage when necessary.

Besides the ad itself, the landing page is a critical part of making a sale. For example, suppose your landing page is slow, unorganised, has irrelevant content, or is incompatible with specific devices. In that case, visitors will leave and will turn to your competitors to meet their requirements. Therefore, keeping visitors engaged and happy while on your site is an essential step in making conversions.

The Buyer’s Journey

You are a consumer and know first hand the experience of looking for products and services online. You start with searching for something in general and then go into specifics for size, colour, etc. Usually, when you begin searching the specifics, you are ready to buy. Bidding on specific keywords maximises your chance of making a sale.

Ads agency Sydney ensures conversions are inevitable with the right combination of ads, keywords and targeting techniques. Contact us today to kick start your PPC campaign with a free evaluation.




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