4 Reasons Local SEO would be More Effective than Conventional SEO in 2016

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With the new launch of Google tools such as Analytics and Webmaster Tools in 2014, there has been a marked increase in the popularity of inbound marketing. A strategy that works optimally for small time business owners as well as global companies with local offices, this marketing technique is soon becoming one of the most utilized tools for profit maximization. In this article, we take a look at why local SEO- which is an important aspect of inbound marketing- is bound to be more effective than conventional SEO in 2016.

Top Reasons For the Success of Local SEO

There are a number of reasons that countless financial advisors suspect for local SEO being more popular in the coming year. The top benefits and uses of a local SEO strategy are:

Increase in Number of Mobile Devices:

When we talk of mobile devices in this context, we are looking at both phones and tablets. With the growth and increasing popularity of cellular networks and apps, local SEO strategies are booming as well. This is because, with the rise of devices that perform on the go,’ there is a consequent rise in proximity-based searches. As a result, local SEO strategies that call into play location specific searches are bound to be more popular and relevant. This is one of the topmost reasons for the increasing popularity of local SEO tactics.

Popularity of Individuated Results:

In the recent years, Google has started providing search results based on the past history of a person’s needs. With the rise of analytics and local marketing tools like Pigeon provided by Google, one can expect a consequent rise in local SEO efficiency. As users begin to demand individualized results, inbound marketing techniques that are geared towards producing more location specific results are also set to become more effective.

Increasing Competition:

With the rise of small time businesses, there has been a sharp increase in competition. Since every company, both local and global, is focused on acquiring visibility in the local domain, the SEO tools that are related to a specific location such as a town, neighborhood or even street are getting more prioritization. For instance, if you are looking to advertise your product, the local SEO technique will require for you to provide relevant information and content related to a particular zone alone. This is opposed to the conventional SEO practices that do not focus on the relevancy of a location. All in all, the rise in competition in both the local and the global marketing arena is one of the principle reasons for the greater effectiveness and demand of local SEO.

Favourable Tools Provided by Google:

As we have seen in the segments above, there are tons of tools provided by Google these days to aid the visibility of local businesses. With the launch of ’Pigeon’ in 2014, many small time business owners have found that their local SEO methods are getting them better results and greater visibility. Over and above this, Google also provides Analytics and Webmaster Tools so that local business owners can claim internet space and increase their profits. This turn towards the more local business ventures is a marked indication that local SEO is going to be more effective and popular in 2016 than conventional SEO practices.

Some Tips To Ensure Efficient Local SEO Strategies

As we have established, there is a definitive prioritization of local SEO strategies in the marketing arena today. However, as with every inbound marketing technique, local search engine optimisation, too, involves some things that should be taken into consideration. These are:

It is crucial that you get your NAP right while registering your company across all the platforms. Discrepancy in any form is likely to result in loss of local authority instantly.
Since this is a strategy that is linked to local visibility, it is important that all your content be relevant to the particular location.

It is a good idea to encourage your customers to post reviews regarding your product online, since this increases visibility in a favourable manner.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to optimal marketing techniques, local SEO is far more effective than the conventional techniques. This is because of the changing mode of access, rising competition and definitive favouritism shown by Google. All in all, inbound marketing strategies involving local SEO are bound to be more effective than conventional tactics in the coming future.



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